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How To Make A Contract

How To Make A Contract

Our high quality easy-to-use legal forms are designed to help protect your rights and to save you time and money. Our forms have been prepared by attorneys and include information and checklists to guide you. Get immediate access to your forms after you purchase. If you're not completely satisfied, you can rely on our no risk 100% money back guarantee.

  • Contract Forms Combo Packages

    Popular - Contract Forms Combo Package which contains the forms most often used in business. Included are a general agreement, notice of assignment and a contract amendment.

  • Employment Contracts

    Employment Contracts to be used in various employment-related situations. Agreements include a general employment, key personnel and executive and independent contractor employment agreements.

  • General Agreements & Contracts

    Popular - General Agreement or Contract form which provides the standard and necessary provisions for use in numerous business agreements or contracts.

  • Sale of Business Contracts

    Sale of Business Contracts used when selling or purchasing a business or its assets. These contracts contain the terms necessary in order to sale or buy a business.

  • Agency Agreements

    Agency Agreement to be used when one party will act on behalf of another. This agreement sets out all relevant terms including how much the agent will be paid.

  • Amendment to Contract

    Amendment to Contract for use when amending the provisions of a contract. This form sets out the provisions which will remain in effect and the exact wording of the terms to be amended.

  • Arbitration Agreements

    Arbitration Agreements offer an alternative for settling disputes. This agreement will set out the specific terms parties agree to in order to settle a dispute.

  • Artwork Agreements

    Artwork Agreements to be used when an artist is hired to create a specific type of artwork. This agreement sets out how much the artist will be paid, type of work desired and where the artwork will be displayed.

  • Assignment of Contract

    Assignment of Contract for use when assigning contract obligations to another individual or entity. This assignment sets out its effective date and the obligations to be assigned.

  • Confirmation, Change Orders, Certificates & Consents

    Confirmation, Change Orders, Certificates and Consents to be used in various situations. These forms include an authorization, certificate, change order and confirmation agreement.

  • Finders Fee Agreement

    Finders Fee Agreement used when one person seeks out a business relationship on behalf of another party. It spells out the specifics of the arrangement including if the finder is engaged on an exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

  • Franchise Agreement (Restaurant)

    Restaurant Franchise Agreement between a company which has developed proprietary information about development and running of a restaurant and a party who desires to purchase a franchise.

  • Franchise Agreements

    Franchise Agreements for use when franchising an existing business. Included are terms regarding business location, inspection rights and warranties given by both parties.

  • Graphic Designer Contract

    Graphic Designer Contract for use by a client and graphic designer who will devise and plan a specific project. It includes description of the assignment, how much the designer will be paid and the project's time frame.

  • Manufacture of Goods Contract

    Manufacture of Goods Contract for use by two companies for the distribution and manufacture of products. It sets out the obligations of both parties and how the contract can be terminated.

  • Notices for Contracts

    Various notices relating to contracts. These forms include a notice of breach and assignment which can be customized to fit your needs. Take advantage of an attorney's expertise at a fraction of the cost!

  • Rescission & Termination

    Rescission and Termination forms designed to be used when terminating or rescinding a contract. These forms set out the rights and obligations of the parties and effective dates.

  • Royalty Agreements

    Royalty Agreements between a writer and a publisher in which royalties are paid to the writer. This form sets forth how royalties will be calculated and paid.

  • Sale of Goods Contracts

    Sale of Goods Contracts to be used by parties who sell goods or products. Included are basic and standard contracts and a contract which sells goods on consignment.

  • Waivers & Extensions

    Waiver and Extension forms to be used in business-related transactions. Forms include waivers of condition and default and extensions for performance and closing date.

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